Veterans Affairs Debt Consolidation Loans

At Veterans First, the minimum credit score for a VA consolidation loan is 600. And DTI ratios for approved loans are commonly below 43%. However, there is some wiggle room for borrowers with higher residual income. For more information about using VA home loan benefits for debt consolidation, contact one of our experienced VA loan professionals.

If you are a veteran of the U.S. Armed Forces of any rank or branch and are looking for a veteran military loan, we have your back. At, we want to show the veterans of our nation how much we appreciate the sacrifices they have made for us by offering them fair terms on a personal loan they can afford.

Veterans can pay off there debt You Can Pay off Your Debt for Less. If you returned home from deployment to find a tough job market and a pile of debt, you’re not alone. Learn how to pay less than what you owe.

Personal Loans for Veterans VA Financial personal loans. Applying for a personal loan for veterans can get you fast cash without incurring harsh penalties and fees. Expensive car repairs, home improvements, or family vacations can be paid in full, thanks to these affordable loans with low, fixed rates and customizable loan terms.

About Financial Help for the Disabled: Government Assistance, Grant and Loan Programs. The Department of Veterans Affairs ( Free Financial Counseling – available through nonprofit debt consolidation agencies.

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Veteran & Military Financial Assistance & Debt Relief Options – VA Personal Loan Options for Veterans. There are several lenders offering personal loans for veterans and active members of the military, even those with bad credit. Unsecured loans up to $40,000 are available and interest rates range from as low as 4.99% to 36%, depending on your credit history.

 · This program will pay off 60% of your unpaid nursing education debt. You just have to work in a qualifying high need area for two years. If you extend for a third year, Nurse Corps will pay another 25% of your loan’s original balance. With just three years of service, you could have up to 85% of your debt paid off.

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