should you buy a condo

Many local real estate investors have asked themselves if buying a condo in Chicago is a good investment. If you look only at the current pace.

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What you need to know before you buy into a condo association. By Jill Chodorov Kaminsky. February 11, 2015 (Patrick T. Fallon/BLOOMBERG). Should you list or buy a home in the summer?

Buying a condo in Toronto is an important investment. It does not matter whether you want to rent or live in the condo. Toronto is a fast growing city and the demand for housing is always high.

/ Should You Buy a House? Pros and Cons of home ownership. search This Site. Should You Buy a House? Pros and Cons of Home Ownership. If you’re only thinking about whether buying a house or condo will be a good investment, remember this: To cover all the costs of buying and selling a property-such as legal fees, recording fees, real.

We spoke with Crystal Colburn from real estate excel about what goes into the decision-making process when it comes to whether to buy or rent a condo. Her expert knowledge should help nudge you closer to the right choice and save some headaches later on.

Buying a condominium, like buying any real estate, involves a cash investment. The amount of money you need to finalize a purchase contract depends on several factors, all based on the agreed upon price of the condominium. Additionally, some condominium.

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How to know if home ownership is the right move for you- plus advice on reverse mortgages and tips for paying down debt while saving for retirement.

There’s certainly no shortage of available options if you’re looking to buy a condo in a city that grows them like dandelions. But for savvy investors and young people who want to save while they wait.

Buying a mobile home is a difficult decision to consider. You’re not sure whether a mobile home is a good investment or whether it will increase in value.