Can You Own A Condo

What Is a Condo? No, It's Not Just a Fancy Apartment. – You can see why condos would be ideal for people who want to own a piece of real estate but don’t want to worry about yardwork and maintenance. The condos vs. apartments conundrum is often an.

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Condos vs. Townhomes: What's the Difference? | – Simply put, a condo is a single unit where you only own the interior of that space.. So why do condos usually have higher HOA fees than townhomes in the.

8 things to know before buying a retirement condo – Other condo owners in your building might vote against improvements you favor. “You co-share ownership with neighbors, and you can’t pretend you’re there on your own,” says Reba Haas, a Seattle real.

The Good, The Bad And The Ugly: Moving From A House To Condo – I see politics in my future. LESS SOLITUDE: Sometimes you just want to be alone, and that can be hard to come in a condo community. When you own your own home, you pull your car in the garage, shut.

Why I Should NOT Have Bought a $64,000 Condo in El Paso, TX Home Buying Advice | JEN TALKS FOREVER NH Voices — Rep. Jim Webb: NH Condo law needs to be changed – If you own a condo in New Hampshire this change affects you. condos are always the first hit and people will just walk away because they can’t sell their unit with the condo assessments increasing..

Can You Rent Out a Condo or Other HOA-Managed Property? – Can You Rent Out a Condo or Other hoa-managed property? homes or neighborhoods managed by condo communities, cooperatives or homeowners associations (HOAs) appeal to many buyers because most of their rules are put into place to maintain property values and serve the best interests of the community.

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Pros and Cons for Renting vs. Buying an Apartment. – Pros and Cons for Renting vs. Buying an Apartment .. Your #1 factor will come down to finances, so you can determine what you can actually afford. Other factors should also be considered and play into your decision.. Apartments vs. Condo: What’s the Difference? Top 10 Reasons to Rent;

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Purchasing/selling a condo vs. a single-family home and using a professional in the process – And every condo community is different, with its own community rules. It is possible that the fees can prohibit a buyer from qualifying for the purchase a condo. Are you considering going through.

The difference between a condo and a co-op: Ask Joe – Properties can be classified by their physical characteristics. involves purchasing shares in the corporation that owns your building. Unlike a condo, where you own a specific unit in a building,

Flushing’s other condo boom – “So there’s more product being built to cater to that demographic, which is why you see it. In fact, the office-condo market accounts for roughly 27 percent of Flushing’s total office market,